Team Wavefront

We are passionate about real-time data

We assembled from companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Yahoo! to solve the problem of analyzing massive streams of metrics data. Our team has built these types of data analytics platforms previously, at the scale of billions of data points and hundreds of millions of users. Therefore, we’re putting our experience from that work into Wavefront’s unrivaled product, believing that every enterprise should be able to achieve powerful insights right now.

Pete Cittadini

President & CEO

Dev Nag

CTO & Founder

Rob Dunn


Rob Markovich


Dylan Boudraa

VP of Sales

Raj Narasimmaraj

VP of Engineering

My Nguyen

VP of Customer Success

Paul Clenahan

VP of Product

Clement Pang

Founder & Engineer

Sam Pullara

Founder & Engineer

Durren Shen

Founder & Engineer

Conor Beverland

Director of Application Solutions

We have the privilege of working with some awesome clients