Advanced User Experience

Pursue and Analyze Everything

“Wavefront believes that charts should be delightful to play with, and powerful enough to help you identify issues and drill-down to the root cause of an incident quickly. We believe that creating a best-of-breed platform begins with the user experience.”

-Conor Beverland, Solutions Architect


Instantly highlight sources across all charts with a single click. User experience should be easy, after all! Notice a CPU problem in one chart? Highlight that series, and all charts with the same machine light up instantly across the entire screen, while irrelevant ones are dimmed out. If you know the machine name, there’s also a “highlight-as-you-type” regex-based filter that works in the same way. Want to drop-in an ad-hoc query across all charts? We’ve got that too.


Easily render all charts in the Wavefront browser with vibrant colors and razor sharp charting elements while taking advantage of high resolution and high density displays. All charts have interactive and unique tools such as the series selector, fish-eye zoom, and per-chart magnification. Further, these features give the user a superior visualization experience, and make digging through stacks of data a breeze.


Did we mention that you can send us events? Not only does Wavefront automatically generate events based on alerts, user activity, and external integrations such as AWS CloudTrail — you can send us all deployment information, configuration changes, code commits, marketing campaigns, etc. Depending on the user’s preferences, events are color-coded, tied to specific sources, and also span a period of time on the chart.

Query events, and use operators to convert events to and from time series data. Additionally, our unique, “intelligent event filter” examines all sources that were utilized to produce a query result, and conveniently layers relevant events for sources on the chart.


Collaborate on every chart and dashboard in Wavefront simply by copying the URL. A convenient URL shortener enables easy sharing.  Additionally, all context is captured in the URL, which means what a user sees is preserved, entirely, when the link is copied. Thus, there’s no need to “share” a chart, just copy and paste a link.


Easily compare charts with what they looked like a day, a week, or a month ago — just layer the two together visually. Instantly spot issues that are out of the ordinary, while easily identifying daily, weekly and monthly trends.


Building a dashboard for your team?  Everyone has their own preferences for machines, thresholds, smoothing functions, etc. Build a single dashboard and allow your teammates to adjust parameters, or let them choose from a fixed set of sample values. Additionally, you can define a dynamic variable that is populated with values from the results of another time series query.


Access at your charts and dashboards on your phone instead of clamoring for a laptop or computer when duty calls. Therefore, there’s no need to install an app — simply click on a link in a email, or instant message, and you’re automatically in our responsive app, designed to work with touch devices and containing all relevant information you’d ordinarily have on a computer.