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Pivotal Container Service (PKS)

Metrics-Driven Analytics to Find Hidden Anomalies for Containers & Microservices

Keeping up with the explosion of metrics from containerized applications and Docker containers can be overwhelming for DevOps and developer teams. ¬†Wavefront provides fast, cost-optimized insight across all your services, containers, and container orchestration systems–Docker, VMware Pivotal Container Services (PKS), Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, and more.

  • Find leading problem indicators of containerized applications – at any scale – using real-time analytics
  • Proactively detect container and service resource bottlenecks with intelligent, query-driven alerts
  • Self-serve, customize, and share analytics insights using interactive dashboards
kubernetes container monitoring

Why Wavefront for Container Monitoring?


Detect leading indicators of issues using packaged dashboards for Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, & Docker containers


Keep up with container and microservices’ rapidly rising scale without worrying about increasing incremental monitoring cost


Create customized self-service metrics tailored to unique developer needs using Wavefront’s query language


Instrument container environments using open-source collection and start monitoring your containers in minutes


Tag container metrics with custom tags to correlate service, container, host, & orchestration for quick problem isolation


Share container analytics and alerts across al teams using packaged integrations with DevOps tools like PagerDuty, HipChat, Slack or others

Customer Success

“It’s very powerful to have all container, microservices and business metrics in Wavefront. We can see in real-time that our business systems and infrastructure are running as expected.”

Mark Riegal
Development Manager

“I now cannot imagine the world of containers without time series databases and metrics-driven analytics software like Wavefront.”

Arya Asemanfar
Infrastructure Manager

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A Guide to Container Analytics and Monitoring at Scale

DevOps and developer teams adopting containers and microservices must deal with an explosion of container and application telemetry. Download this new eBook and discover new methods your SaaS peers use to tame all container, microservices, and Kubernetes metrics.

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