AWS Metrics Monitoring

Wavefront customers reduced AWS spend by >$50,000.
See your potential savings in minutes.

Analyze unified data from CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and other AWS APIs to optimize your apps and infrastructure.

Our 100+ Integrations Unify your Metrics from Everywhere

Real-Time Dashboards for All Your AWS Services

Get real-time dashboards for all your AWS services, including AWS billing, pricing, EC2,
ECS, ELB, Lambda, DynamoDB, and Redshift.


See How to Reduce Your AWS Spend and Get Deep Visibility into Cloud Apps

See some of the insights we provide out-of-the-box for AWS services by watching these short videos.

Wavefront is a metrics monitoring platform which lets you visualize, query and alert over data from across your stack (infrastructure, network, custom app metrics, business KPIs, etc.). Use it to improve app performance and reduce cloud costs.

While not limited to AWS, our AWS integration makes it very quick and easy to pull in metrics from CloudWatch, events from CloudTrail and additional enhanced metrics from other AWS APIs outside of CloudWatch.

See where to save on cloud costs

This demo shows you how to use Wavefront’s AWS dashboards to quickly find cloud resource over-provisioning, and reduce unnecessary spending on AWS services.

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Correlate apps & infrastructure

See how easy it is for Wavefront to unify metrics and alerts from applications, containers, cloud, and other infrastructure – acting as your single pane of glass for all your DevOps and development engineers.

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Make better use of spot pricing

This demo shows how you how to visualize and drill into AWS spot pricing, and help you reduce your cloud costs even further.

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Save More $$$ with Real-Time Analytics of AWS Spot Pricing

Live example: Charting average EC2 Spot Instance price for M4-XL in each region

Query AWS spot pricing across all regions and availability zones. Make better decisions about EC2 Spot Instances and automate with alerts to optimize your cloud usage.

What Makes Wavefront Unique for AWS Monitoring

Out-of-the-box visibility into AWS resources usage and spot pricing that can save you a bundle

Wavefront applies analytics to your real-time AWS resource consumption with detailed AWS spot pricing, to show you how to reduce your cloud costs – many customers have used this to save over $60K monthly!

Real-time, analytics-driven insights into performance and utilization of your AWS resources

Wavefront provides analytics-driven, pre-built dashboards to monitor key AWS services including EC2, EBS, Amazon ECS, Lambda, ELB, DynamoDB, Redshift and many more.

Behavior-based, analytics-driven alerts that don’t wear down your on-call team with useless alert noise

With Wavefront, quickly turn any analytics query into an intelligent, dynamic alert, e.g. to tell you when overall cloud application behavior changes abnormally, and not based on simple static thresholds that alarm too often and unnecessarily.

Enterprise-class, consistently proven as a self-service metrics platform for developer teams, from tens to thousands

Wavefront is specifically built for enterprise features, reliability, and performance — it’s a cloud hosted service supporting millions of metrics per second, making it easy and fast to roll-out “self-service” metrics to all your developers, improving productivity and collaboration.

Customer Success

“Wavefront SaaS analytics lets us troubleshoot very accurately any problem before our cloud game customers get impacted. We can track our user experience, service, operational and business performance in real-time. ”

Louis McCormack
Lead DevOps Engineer

“Wavefront metrics help us predict our future cloud utilization, giving us the ability to anticipate problems and correct them earlier. It enables our teams to find a needle in the haystack, helping us quickly resolve problems and empowering our engineering teams with self-service metrics.”

Demetri Mouratis
SRE Engineer

How to Scale your SaaS with Public Cloud Analytics

In the dynamic world of public clouds with many services, scaling your cloud-native applications can be challenging. When choosing a monitoring platform for their cloud applications, DevOps and developer teams must look for characteristics that reflect the nature of running code on a public cloud: speed, flexibility, and scalability.

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