How about 1M+ data points per second?

About the Wavefront Service

Wavefront is a cloud-hosted service where you send your time-series (metric) data – from CollectD, StatsD, JMX, Ruby’s logger, AWS, anything.

You can then perform arbitrary mathematical operations on any number of those series, render charts to see anomalies or KPI dashboards, and ultimately create truly intelligent alerts to proactively watch over your entire stack.

It scales seamlessly, it’s reliable, it’s feature complete, and the support is great. It’s everything you always want, but never get.

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Why Wavefront


You want to see right into the heart of your system, at granular detail, however big and complicated that might be.


You want to create smarter, dynamic alerts off meaningful telemetry gathered from every corner of your estate.


Your current monitoring approach isn’t scaling, i.e. it’s taking too much time, expertise, and cost to get what you want.

Features That Keep You At The Wavefront

Advanced Analytics

Wavefront makes analytics easy, yet powerful. Our query language allows time series data to be manipulated in ways that have never been seen before. The language is easy-to-understand, yet powerful enough to deal with high-dimensional data.

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Enhanced User Experience

Wavefront believes that charts should be delightful to play with, and powerful enough to help you identify issues and drill-down to the root cause of an incident quickly. We believe that creating a best-of-breed platform begins with the user experience.

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Intelligent Alerting

Wavefront comes with an advanced alerting system that uses the Wavefront query engine. This allows the user to craft powerful alert conditions, much more powerful than plain old “threshold based” alerts.

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Enterprise Grade Framework

A lot of companies claim to be “Enterprise Grade.” Wavefront was born in the enterprise. We understand the requirements necessary to operate in the largest of companies.

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Flexible API

Wavefront was designed from the ground up with maximizing your integration options in mind. All actions that take place in the User Interface can be performed via API calls. Integrating Wavefront with your environment is easy…

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Massively Integrated

True enterprise solutions can ingest from all the technologies you have in your environment. Wavefront was architected to be source-agnostic for all types of metric data, from every level of your stack.

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Metric or Log Analytics:

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