The award-winning mobile & social gaming company

uses Wavefront to scale.  


Space Ape Games is an award-winning mobile games startup founded in 2012.  They launched Samurai Siege in 2013, which has over 15 million downloads. In 2015, they launched the critically acclaimed Rival Kingdoms game, featured in the coveted Global Editor’s Choice list by Apple and played by millions around the world.

The Challenge

Space Ape started using Wavefront in response to the monitoring challenge of running a game on the scale of Samurai Siege. The incumbent monitoring platform struggled to cope with the number of metrics they wanted to track. Scaling it proved to be a manual, costly process.

With their stated aim to grow with each game released, Space Ape wanted to make sure they picked a monitoring partner that could match their ambitions. They identified Wavefront and its particular advantages and worked to migrate their monitoring system to Wavefront’s real-time analytics platform.

The Solution

As they built their next game, Rival Kingdoms, they continued to improve their monitoring through Wavefront. They built in custom events and alerts backed by rich data. “We used it for analyzing trends in the game and, particularly, for rapid diagnosis of faults and resolutions. At the more cutting edge, we started to use statistical functions in the rich metrics language of Wavefront to look more abstractly at our data,” said Nicholas Walker, Head of Technical Operations at Space Ape Games.

As they approached the launch date for Rival Kingdoms, they started to spin up greater capacity across all of their technologies. Wavefront actively engaged, seamlessly growing their monitoring capability by 300% in preparation for a large influx of excited new players.

The Results

Alongside prioritization of any critical issues encountered, Wavefront helped Space Ape perfectly prepare for launch week, giving them both the information to know when they might encounter a snag, and the data to prove their newfound success.

“With Rival Kingdoms and our forthcoming games, we are confident in Wavefront to continue to scale with our business,” said Walker. “We benefit hugely from Wavefront’s ability to deliver rapid insight into recent and historical data about our platform and share it with the users that need it.”

"Wavefront actively engaged with us, seamlessly growing our monitoring capability by 300% in preparation for a large influx of excited new players. We were able to utilize the Wavefront platform to perfectly inform us about where we hit a snag, and visualize the data to prove our newfound success. With Rival Kingdoms and our other upcoming games, we are confident in Wavefront's ability to scale with our business.”

Nic WalkerHead of Technical Operations