To Log or To Metric, That is The Question:

Best Practices for Monitoring Cloud Applications at Scale

About this Video

Delivering revenue-generating cloud applications reliably, at scale, is hard. Should you rely on logs or metrics instrumentation to monitor them?

DevOps and developer teams who traditionally relied on log monitoring are now turning to metrics analytics for an instantaneous and continuous view across their cloud applications, infrastructure, and business KPIs.

But knowing when it’s better to use logs or metrics analytics is not always obvious.

This webinar will help you select the best analytics approach for your cloud application stack.

Learn from the experts:

  • The key differences between metrics and logs
  • How to convert logs to cloud metrics and run metrics analytics (in a live demo)
  • The use cases of logs vs metrics analytics for reactive and proactive performance management of your cloud application and infrastructure

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About Wavefront

Wavefront provides enterprise metrics monitoring and analytics in a cloud hosted platform, processing metrics and logs from applications, cloud services, infrastructure, 3rd party tools, and open source collectors.

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