About this Video:

Metrics monitoring is so critical for modern cloud applications. But can you do it with APM, with a log monitor, or with a specialized metrics platform? Open source or commercial? How are SaaS leaders monitoring their environments with metrics today?

Learn about unified metrics monitoring with real-time analytics, and why it’s the preferred methodology for assuring cloud application environments.

There are several approaches to implementing a metrics-monitoring platform. Depending on where you are on the metrics maturity curve, some platforms are better than others.

Tune in to learn from the experts:

  • What is metrics monitoring and its role across DevOps teams
  • What are the potential approaches to a metric monitoring platform, and how to compare them
  • How to use the metrics maturity curve to pick the best approach for you
  • What are the key learnings from SaaS leaders implementing metrics monitoring [featuring case studies of Intuit, uShip, Workday, and Shooju]

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