Enterprise Grade

Tired of building your own monitoring with open source?

“A lot of companies claim to be ‘Enterprise Grade’. Wavefront was born in the enterprise. Therefore, we understand the requirements necessary to operate in the largest of companies.”

– Ajay Singh, SVP and GM, Cloud Management Business Unit, VMware


Wavefront has proven to scale to millions of metrics per second. Additionally, we have many customers with hundreds of active users, viewing charts and creating alerts. We also keep all reported data at full resolution, and never down-sample it or delete it. Finally, most other platforms force you to ‘roll-up’ your data — which is another way of saying ‘summarize and delete the original data’.


Wavefront takes security very seriously. Therefore, we regularly perform penetration tests, have sophisticated procedures to ensure data isolation, data encryption in-flight and at-rest, and whitelist traffic. We also have many other special security options available to meet the strictest of needs.


Wavefront also has a highly available system with the ability to deliver true business continuance. Hence, we keep 4 copies of your data at any given time, replicated across multiple data centers. Therefore, even if a data center goes completely down, Wavefront will continue to operate normally with no interruptions in service.


Wavefront has full role based access controls, and we also keep per-user histories of actions performed. Therefore, you have the ability to completely control your team’s access levels and user experience.


For customers who require the largest of scale or extra strict security, we also provide an option to run in a dedicated, single-tenant environment to meet the needs of your enterprise.


Wavefront allows you to further leverage your entire organization. Some of our customers have 500+ active users running the most powerful queries in the industry. Most other platforms get sluggish with just 10 concurrent users. Wavefront also supports identity management platforms, such as Okta, OneLogin, AD, and LDAP.  Additionally, we include a full set of fine grained user management tools.