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Wavefront Customer Case Studies

The IOT vendor needed Wavefront to monitor thousands of devices in the field.

The award winning mobile & social gaming company uses Wavefront to scale.

We have made quite a few fans…

"Wavefront gives us very quick insights and the best query language we could find to explore and understand our data.Since we rely on data and metrics to make our decisions, Wavefront is an essential and indispensable part of our day-to-day operations."

Pierre-Alexandre MasseEngineering Director, Box

"Before Wavefront, we would have no clue about what was going on. Now we can fix software bugs and validate that the changes had exactly the effects we intended."

John BeattyCofounder and President of Engineering, Clover

"Wavefront actively engaged with us, seamlessly growing our monitoring capability by 300% in preparation for a large influx of excited new players.We were able to utilize the Wavefront platform to perfectly inform us about where we hit a snag, and visualize the data to prove our newfound success.With Rival Kingdoms and our other upcoming games, we are confident in Wavefront's ability to scale with our business.”

Nic WalkerHead of Technical Operations, SpaceApe

"Wavefront has made a huge impact in helping us identify and resolve operational and performance issues. Its intuitive, but powerful representation of our data delivers timely and actionable insights, helping us meet our customer SLAs.Our operations team starts their day checking Wavefront, and uses it all day long. It is an awesome product."

Bob MugliaCEO, Snowflake

“At Yammer, we measure and monitor everything about our business.The scale of incoming data Wavefront handles for us, and the low latency in having service metrics show up in easily interpreted reports are key Wavefront strengths we rely on to provide our customers a high quality service.”

Kristian AndakerGeneral Manager, Microsoft Yammer