Container Monitoring at Scale

A Guide to Metrics-Driven Analytics for Containerized Applications

About this eBook

Container adoption among developers and DevOps teams is growing unlike anything we have experienced before. Containers’ small footprint, minimum overhead, agility, and portability help make application innovation faster. But it’s these very same attributes that make containers more challenging to monitor.

In this eBook, we’ll provide you insights into the challenges and solutions for container monitoring, including…

  • Wavefront by VMware’s new approach to monitoring for containerized applications, based on metrics-driven analytics
  • Case studies from two Wavefront customers, FashionID and Mixpanel, that use Wavefront’s metric analytics platform to monitor their containerized cloud applications and orchestration systems at scale

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About Wavefront by VMware

Wavefront provides enterprise metrics monitoring and analytics in a cloud hosted platform, processing metrics and logs from applications, cloud services, infrastructure, 3rd party tools, and open source collectors.

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