How to Scale Your SaaS with Public Cloud Analytics

A Guide to Monitoring AWS Using Metrics-Driven Analytics

About this eBook

In the dynamic world of public clouds with many services, scaling your cloud-native applications can be challenging. When choosing a monitoring platform for their cloud applications, DevOps and developer teams must look for characteristics that reflect the nature of running code on a public cloud: speed, flexibility, and scalability.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Common obstacles DevOps and developer teams face when scaling cloud-native applications
  • How to use Wavefront AWS Monitoring Suite and metrics-driven analytics to overcome cloud services visibility challenges
  • Real-life lessons from Box and Space Ape Games on how to confidently scale cloud applications

About Wavefront by VMware

Wavefront provides enterprise metrics monitoring and analytics in a cloud hosted platform, processing metrics and logs from applications, cloud services, infrastructure, 3rd party tools, and open source collectors.

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