Real-Time Analytics

Wavefront makes powerful analytics easy and fast

“Our query language allows time series data to be manipulated in useful ways that have never been seen before. The language is easy-to-understand, yet powerful enough to deal with high-dimensional data. Coupled with our lightning-fast query engine, you can pose questions such as ‘Which clusters of machines are exhibiting behavior that is different from others?’”

-Dev Nag, CTO & Founder

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Find Signals in Noise

Data Exploration

Search for Information

Correlation Function


If using a query language is not your style, Wavefront makes it easy to craft queries using dropdown menus, filters, and also autocomplete forms. Additionally, the user can switch back to the text query that is generated from these tools easily, at any time. Hence, Wavefront can be adapted to any situation


Experienced an outage? With Wavefront you can search for the cause with a single command, in real-time and also on production-scale data. The first chart shows all metrics across all systems during an outage. Additionally, the data is noisy and difficult to understand. Can you spot the three switches that dropped by half at the exact same time as the outage? With Wavefront, we can create a window corresponding to the outage, and then correlate every other related system and metric against that window, as you can see in the second chart. As a result, you can now see the three switches that dipped and recovered at the time of the outage. Therefore, we’ve just saved ourselves hours of manual investigation, and can now drill into these components to ascertain exactly what went on. Furthermore, we can take steps to prevent another incident.